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About Slappy Cakes of Maui

Welcome to
Slappy Cakes Maui!

Experience the delightful offerings of Slappy Cakes, where breakfast transforms into an interactive culinary adventure! Enjoy the thrill of crafting your own delectable pancakes right at your table, thanks to our tabletop griddles.

Enjoy our meticulously crafted dishes and savor our innovative beverages with a contemporary twist, all within a vibrant and interactive setting that encourages you to play with your food and create unforgettable memories.

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Get To Know Us

Slappy Cakes Maui, nestled in the picturesque Lahaina, Hawaii, has gained renown for delivering an unparalleled pancake-making experience and serving up a delectable array of breakfast creations. For over a decade, our establishment has remained a cherished haven for both locals and visitors, drawing patrons back time and again with our unique culinary offerings and warm hospitality.

Beyond gastronomic delights, our commitment extends to supporting the local community. We take pride in sourcing our ingredients from nearby farmers and businesses, fostering strong ties within the vibrant local ecosystem. Moreover, we actively engage in community events and initiatives, solidifying our dedication to giving back and enriching the lives of those around us.

At Slappy Cakes, it’s not just about crafting exceptional meals; it’s about cultivating a meaningful connection with our community and celebrating the spirit of togetherness.

Lahaina Strong

As an integral part of the resilient Lahaina community, Slappy Cakes Maui stands in solidarity through times of adversity, weaving a tapestry of unwavering support and compassion amidst the most trying of circumstances. Within this uniquely beautiful aloha culture, our team exemplifies an extraordinary commitment to wholehearted giving, evident in their daily demonstrations of care and empathy towards one another.

Our dedication extends beyond culinary creations to encompass a heartfelt mission of serving our beloved #LahainaStrong community. We proudly forge partnerships with public schools and organizations focused on nurturing the children of Maui, embodying our enduring pledge to uplift and empower the next generation within our cherished community.



C. N.

This is a huge restaurant with local flair. Breakfast is incredible. Not sure what they put in their batter, but the pancakes taste like a dream. The coffee is tasty, the bacon is crisp. You can even make your own pancakes at your table.

J. P.

Dined here twice during breakfast hours. Food is delicious……coffee, pancakes, roasted potatoes, scrambled eggs, chicken sausages, banana bread French toast are awesome. Gluten-free options are available too.

Kelly Mason

This was a really fun place to eat breakfast. The ability to make your own pancakes is an interesting idea and delicious!
We also ordered an item (breakfast burrito) from the kitchen to go with our pancakes. That was really good and we would recommend this place anybody visiting the Portland area.

Lisa Obermeyer

Such a fun breakfast place, especially with kids. We enjoyed picking our own toppings and cooking up our pancakes! Service was friendly and great.

Kaitlyn Riley

Such a fun breakfast place, especially with kids. We enjoyed picking our own toppings and cooking up our pancakes! Service was friendly and great.