SLappy Cakes Concept

Portland, Oregon is legendary for being a brunch town. Every neighborhood has breakfast places and most of them are great. It's against this backdrop that we first decided to combine our favorite restaurant activities, eating brunch and do-it-yourself cooking. Many of our locations now serve lunch and dinner but Slappy Cakes is still known for pancakes, drinks and fun!

Slappy Cakes History

Slappy Cakes is a family owned and operated restaurant that opened in Portland in 2009. Since then Slappy Cakes has been featured nationally on The Cooking Channel, Rachael Ray, Women's Day Magazine, and was awarded the title of "America's Best" by Food Network's Alton Brown as one of America's top ten destinations. There are now locations in Maui, Japan, Philippines and Singapore, and new locations are coming soon so keep a lookout for us in your area!

Slappy Cakes Community

At Slappy Cakes we believe that everybody wins when businesses support their local community. For this reason, Slappy Cakes has an emphasis on locally sourced ingredients and sustainable business practices. Supporting and partnering with local vendors helps ensure that resources stay in the community while minimizing the environmental impact.