How to make a “pan­crepe” at Slappy Cakes

admin November 29, 2013

There are many creative ways to make pancakes on our griddles, here is an example of one of our favorite techniques. This method requires some intermediate spatula skills but don't be scared to mess up, with a little bit of practice and some extra napkins you too can make the perfect pancrepe!

  1. Apply a small amount of batter in a thick straight line.
  2. Pour a line of batter
    Step 1
  3. Lightly place your spatula on the batter's edge and spread the batter by dragging across the griddle, being careful not to apply too little or too much pressure. The goal is to make a very thin pan­crepe, but not so thin that it will crack when rolled.
  4. Drag your spatula across the griddle
    Step 2
  5. Once the bubbles have formed and popped carefully flip your pan­crepe. It will finish cooking almost immediately once flipped.
  6. Cooked pancrepe!
    Step 3
  7. Remove from griddle, fill with your favorite fixins and toppings (lemon curd, crème fresh, etc.) roll it up and enjoy.
    Add fixins
    Step 4
  9. Post a picture of your creation to instagram (#slappycakes) and make the world jealous of your skills.
  10. Share your creations!
    Share your creations!